let the horizon speak words you have failed…
When the dark disappears

Before the light

Magic will happen
They say it’s not true

But you are the magic

And you’ll make it happen
From the noman’s land

And far beyond the northen lights

It will come and strike

Will keep its best charm

Pure and serene

As long as the lights are green
The colours will be yours

Your fire will bring nocturnal spring

The sky will embrace you

The moon will shower

With its grace and silver
Then you’ll see a smile

Beyond sky

It is the magic

And it’ll happen
The stars will align in the greatest fashion

Like the victory of new king after invasion

Then you’ll hear the people sing

The victory song the hymn to the wind

For the god

And for their new lord

Who set them free

From the old dead king

That’s the magic what they feel

You are the magic

And it’ll happen
After it’s time

It will wave

and bid goodbye

But will exist with your life.


How she got her character certificate?

The system we live in, is a crackled mess of chaotic thoughts pouring into an exaggerated waterhole of opinion. Which is incautiously puffed up as a lake of wisdom. Which in turn brings out the ‘strange’ to the ‘worst’ possible explanation of everything which the prejudiced eyes ever see.

The integral part of rational existence of human species in a hypothetically fading concept, we call ‘society’ is CHARACTER. Your character holds robustness like the presence of ‘Wonder Woman’ in extendedly doomed universe of DC, but it has to be certified, and everybody who can feel your presence irrespective of their worth in your and their own lives contributes to the cause. The concern is higher if you are a woman so as the stakes.

So, the hyperlooped and interlinked conjecture of process begins with the moment you strike out of the four walls you live in. The nearest neighbour lady who probably has the most miserable life will scan the dimension of your clothes, certainly she doesn’t use SI system, rather she prefer SH system (standard – hypocrite). To her well inferred and ‘pure’ as Virgin Mary analysis, you are grotesque. (She’s just jealous because you look hot… Ha Ha not Ha Ha).

Then comes the ‘watchman’ or the loner (man) who takes care of the data of your visitors from their fixed vista. Their approval is the most democratic nod your character certificate needs. With the help of other entities who have pathetic persona like your least favourite relative, they also check and inspect the people with whom you go out especially (actually) boys (*cough*), and that’s how the column of your morality is ascertained.

The amplitude of your voice and degree to which you yield sets the tone of your examiners, who apparently in your case are your superiors (boss, professors, faculty) and those who have dedicated their lives to prosper the wealth of Ekta Kapoor. An honourable mention to those who never got your revered approbation, so they are in quest to tarnish the dignified integrity of yours.

It’s not an arcane that you will fail manifestly in order to evince the upstanding, so it’s a settlement of convalescent to not to get into a brawl with these harbingers of virtuous abnegation, instead show perseverance to whatever your prudish or prudent conduct is or stay strict to your sage shrewd survival of choice or go places and taste the toast of town, either way you have to wait for the hell to serve for your sins, because these certificates are everything but worthy of consideration.

The heist

A picture perfect eve
Pageant wave
Her majesty, her grin, her grace
Formation of fifty vangaurds
Seeking, serenaded by folk of town
Day of paramounts

Starebound firework
Spangled sparkle

Then a strange strike hit like a lightning bolt
Enunciated perfect storm
At the picture perfect place
The crown got off Queen’s head
Dropped down, covered in ‘blackness’
Laying loose her majesty in the lose of sense and wits
Swift switch in formation
In method, in the code
Fantom in facts, some got a timed nod
Two of them turned the shade of scene
‘Blackened’ the diamond which was green

Catching attention like a targeted flight
With the hand and touch of Bonnie and Clyde
They swim away in the air of light and lime

Aurora got eclipsed
Devil’s deed
As a protector
In the heist of thunder
Who accomplished on the blood of else
It’s written in red on the page of pure
Crying for a vision forevermore

Tangled from the sky
Just electric
A cyborg renaissance
Myth or mystique
But, who cares? Do you?
Sustainable circumstances
Probably don’t
Catastrophe cussed crass
Is it freezing in the eloquence of dark
Perfect polished trailer
Complying the wrong by the right hands
Dotted dread danger

How did they do it ?
Accounted answer..
Why did they do it ?
But who really called the countings

In the honest aspect of aspiration
It was no one

Radiance on the road
Gone the grace
They won the chase

Faces in frown
In quest of crown


नतमस्तक नग शिखाएँ

जलध विचलित विकल क्षीर,

मरकत नभ उष्ण शैवालिनी

अवनि रक्तचन्दन अलंकृत
अस्त अस्तित्व आज तिमिर का,

श्री हीन तमस रण में,

चंचरीक संग जैसे भैरव

नयन मार्तण्ड अश्रु प्लावन

स्वयं प्रक्रति कर रहीं लास्य ।
मृदु मोहक मदनीकेय मायातीत नाद

सरस सप्तकों पर तरंगित सामवेद का संवाद ।
नीरव आकाश नवीन रंगों के विकीरण को ललायित

त्यक्त तुर्या अनामय स्पंदन जीवन संचार

हॄदय रख चंद्रशेखर जिन्हें बनते नटराज

नयन मार्तण्ड अश्रु प्लावन 

स्वयं प्रक्रति कर रहीं लास्य ।
आभा गाथा मुद्राओं की

ध्वनि शब्दों में न समाहित

मुक्ति बंधन से पार,

सहस्त्र चन्द्र-बिम्ब क्षितिज समेटे

स्वर्ण परिभाषित उत्कल हिलोरें

भेदतीं सलिल मर्यादा आज,

स्वर संगीत संवेदनाओं का

साक्षी हर अणु कण चिर संसार,

अनंत समय की रचना

ऋचाओं का गान
पुलकित पावन हर तरु पल्लव 

कुमुदनी कृतार्थ

चंचरीक संग जैसे भैरव

नयन मार्तण्ड अश्रु प्लावन 

स्वयं प्रक्रति कर रहीं लास्य।

The girl on fire


Back to the night of full moon

Verge of sweet lagoon

At her best, young age

And then passed there the entourage

Morning, tide was tamed

Silence framing strong profane

Orange sky, field was green

But her brother wasn’t seen

All early after the cold night

Then messenger came in twilight

“To the silver girl with auburn hair

Of the full moon, gracious flair

Lord of the land lingering for you

Please the palace in moments few

King’s commander will envoy

Don’t you play here any coy

Your brother’s breath is in count of court

Contenm king, he will be mort

If you are loved and promised to one

Days are done, must belike none”

“Finest fabric gilt edged

Adorn the dress and floret

Soon you leave home he will be free

Else, the other way

On dismay

Before highborn no act of god

Heads on the spike will roam the road.”

Following the word messenger spreaad

Bright colours screamed and fade

Underneath the gold dress she wore white one, mother made

“Enfold the letter when ink will dry

Oh Ma! Please don’t you cry

Hand them to the right hand

When the wind will wield to be just again.”

Carriage creaked cursing the cray

Priest prayed to easy the fray

Oh! lord what a sad day
“Sir say something what wise would say

What you owe to soil, bread and milk”

“I owe my king

My everything

Pray to god

He may long live”

Replied the gent

Commander’s revered agreement.


Reached citadel, stranded, side of sea

Found free her brother, his well being

Waves hit the wall, all in vain

Must be a work of thousand men

‘(King saw) Coming the object of amusement

With commander

On the gate

Smiling from the casement

Pious pure rose, gentle borne

Into the woods of regal thorne..


Spasm! Swirl of dress

Knife on envoy’s neck

In hard rush in no moment change

Grey armour got blood red

“For pride and promise for motherland”
To his jeer

Shame to his name

Autocrates’ hindsight

In hard rush in no moment change

Ordered quick smite
“Burn her in precinct of every eye

End of errant, cry and die

Let her loud scream to every ear

They oblige what they fear”

Ran for help

Ran for self

No way out on a marked map

Gloomed in glitter glow

High winds akin her flow

Forwarded vanguards far and wide

Seven directions swift and stride

Looked back with blear look

Not so far from King’s hook

Ledge of cliff, end of land

Between castle and sea, her stand

Freedom over velvet band
Crushed the mending of gold cage

Said to a bird coming from the edge

“Let me have this breath in freedom again”
She jumped down or it was wave

Witness cried melancholy frain
Birds learned her last glim

Misery on the verge of brim

Singing the girl who was on fire

Reflecting gloom at sunset

Herald of free and fierce crest

Serenaded every folk of town

And then wind made the growl of hound

Following night of all mishap

Whole castle was slept

Just when sea broke the code

Winds so wary they broke chandelier

To all the soothsayers weren’t familiar

Startled, urging stars and god

Waves binged intrication of sigil

Curtains and casements flushed to fragile.
To the worst of all,

Shaked the monument carved on rock.

Dropped defenders into chaos

Hell black sky, hellish rain

Tides tusssled to stranded citadel’s bane

Timid or drowned every face

Salt water in blank space

Whirlwind vandalised fort’s wall

Stumbling feet from judgment call

To the proof of saying of old

In talks and folks it has been told

Cyclone gulps the giant

And come for the crass

They tarnish the triumph

Never drench the grass

Morning, wind was tamed

But now in wield to be just again

Natives gathered to deal with pain

So, the letter was now in right hands
“To takedown the king

We all make it suffice

She alone started the fight

She took fire,so we could ignite

To motherland!! To her sacrifice!!”
Said the one, words of wisdom

Marching with spikes sword and shield

Pillaged people in open field

Vindictive instinctive stance in clan

Her brother her family and every men

Aghast autocrates’ astonishment

Denizen walked the carnage of gate
Yell scream cry and shout

No way left no right way out

Meleed the gaurds with no count

No ruse helped servile soldier
Worthless their gird on colter

Ornaments tossed to trash

Hard hustle brawl and clash

Hallway filled with blood and ash

The change was made

With new hope

To freerland, to woods and bread

But the birds would sing

Her last glim

Glitter in eyes, misery on brim

They would sing the ode of truth

The girl on fire

Her promise and ruth
The air they breath

And in the air they fly

With their sweetest voice To be just and fair

Is in due of silver girl with auburn hair